Today is T.I.'s 37th birthday. We celebrate by revisiting the three albums that constitute his creative prime: Trap Muzik (2003), Urban Legend (2004), and King (2006). These albums are significant because they represent the formal origination, evolution, and coronation of trap music. And while while Gucci Mane and Jeezy were instrumental in the subgenre's popularization, T.I. sees himself as the true inventor of trap.

"Whose album was Trap Muzik?" he asked in an interview with Montreality. "Who had an album named Trap Muzik? I'm asking. Well than that's who started it. It's as simple as that. Unless you can think of a time before then that you can recall hearing it. I mean, since it was introduced to the world, there were people who came on and enforced and spread the genre out and gave it wings and life beyond its origin. But if you go back to who truly started it, I must humbly say myself."

Read on to revisit 10 of T.I's best songs from 2003-2006.

RIP to a Real OG!!! The very first person to put me in the studio & realize my talent when I was really just "Lil Bad Ass Tip"!!! I heard some dude in da apts down the way had a studio so I found my way there knocked on your door asking "Yo it's a studio in here? I can rap!" You let me in & it's been on ever since!!! Also the first to let me @DougGrandHustle & da P$C on stage at 16 in Jazzy Ts (as seen in pic at the legendary east side strip club).... You showed me everything I needed to see early on to make my way in this shit!!! Gave me all the game without withholding info. Taught me how to check a sucka at the door wit that F*ck-Sh*t,All while being a real playa about it & still maintaining a solid presence at Home as well as in These streets. A lotta stuff people give me credit for today.... I learned from you!!! You were our example!!! We gon miss you Big Yak!!! #RIPCognac #TBT

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