Not many people can walk out of the house with rainbow hair and actually look good. You can debate for days on whether Tekashi 6ix9ine actually looked okay or not with his famous long tresses but one thing is for sure; his hair helped him stand out from the crowd, contributing to his brand and even making it easy for kids to dress up like him for Halloween. That's Branding 101 for you right there. We all know how his story turned out so now, we need a new rainbow king/queen and Halsey is stepping up to the plate.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Starting off the final month of summer with a bang, the pop star introduced her fans to a new look, keeping her colour intact but dyeing her bangs in a myriad of colours. Starting with red and transitioning all the way to blue, Halsey really went out there and debuted a new flashy look that's sure to earn her stares when she walks down the street. The star's fans are generally feeling the change and her boyfriend Yungblud also co-signed the "skittles" vibes.

Considering Halsey loves to switch up her hair colour on the regular, is this one of your favourite looks from her? Which style should she do next?