Halle Berry's Instagram page is a work of art. It's a meticulous collage of self-care shots and motivational captions. She posts pics of fitness tips, book recommendations and nature appreciation. Amidst all this wholesome content, one of her followers felt the need to bring some negative energy. 


Berry posted a photo of a beautiful butterfly resting on her fingertips, with fresh grass and purple flowers in the background. There was a poetic caption. She wrote, "Today I was touched by an angel", and even claimed that this winged creature was her #SpiritAnimal. While the actress just wished to share this gentle experience with the world, she could not escape the pervasive haters of the Internet. 


Someone missed the point of the post and remarked that Berry has "the hands of a construction worker." Despite the insult, Berry handled it class and grace. Rather than stooping to his level, she saw humour in the situation and replied, “I knew somebody was gonna crack on the [hand emoji].” Perhaps there was a pun intended here, as the cracks in her hands may be what brought on the construction worker comparison. But either way, her hands still look moisturized, the butterfly is nice and she is still Halle Berry.