Gunna's Spontaneous Nature Takes Him To Australia In "Sun Came Out" Video

Alex Zidel
September 23, 2020 15:44

Gunna catches a 15-hour flight to Australia, documenting his trip in the "SUN CAME OUT" video.

The subject of our latest cover story, Gunna spoke about how, when he embraces the true spirit of Wunna, he's usually off doing something spontaneous and fun. That much is clear in the new music video for "SUN CAME OUT".

Much like how WUNNA was born during a random trip to Jamaica, where Gunna and his team didn't intend on finishing the majority of the album, the music video for "SUN CAME OUT" equally feels as though there was very little planning involved.

Rather than marking down every last detail, as he did for the "200 FOR LUNCH" clip, Gunna went on a trip to Australia (pre-pandemic, of course) and captured his favorite moments of the tour, pasting them together and releasing them as his new music video. The central spot where they filmed this one is at a rainbow-like installation, where Gunna and his crew just had fun and did whatever.

This follows a string of new content from Gunna, who has been releasing video after video as of late.

Watch this one above and let us know which song you've been wanting to see some visuals for.

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