No matter how obvious it may seem, some people simply can't keep it in their pants. Now, high-end designer Gucci is finding themselves in some legal hot water, after a downtown Chicago store manager's lewd behavior landed him a sexual harassment lawsuit. According to TMZ, ex-employee Chanel Falasco found herself on the receiving end of some unwanted advances from her manager, who allegedly followed her into a storage room where he proceeded to unsheathe the D, if you will. Seeing as Chanel did not consent to the real-life equivalent to an unwanted dick-pick, it was only a matter of time before legal action had to be taken.

In addition to the aforementioned incident, the manager allegedly bombarded Falasco with derogatory comments about her ass, which led to the unfortunate nickname of "booty." TMZ managed to land some of the documents, which go deeper into detail about some of the manager's misconduct. Apparently, Falasco claimed that the manager attempted to kiss her, groping her neck, waist, and ass without consent. She claims that in September 2015, the manager followed her into the storage room and whipped it out, encouraging her to engage in sexual activity with him. 

Falasco reportedly complained to higher ups, who seemed to turn a blind eye, despite apparently being aware of the manager's previous misbehavior with other employees. She's suing for an undisclosed amount of damages, and the luxury brand has yet to issue a response. It's not a good look for Gucci, especially if the reports of prior knowledge are accurate. Sexual harassment is no joke, and if you have to resort to whipping your dick out for attention, you don't deserve to be in a position of power. Hopefully the brand can make things right, as reputation goes a long way in 2017.