Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy's beef has been quite for a minute, but could Gucci be looking to re-ignite it? This morning the rapper was venting on Twitter about "pussy ass rappers" and had no qualms calling Jeezy, Yo Gotti and T.I. among them.

Gucci started by comparing weak rappers to scorned woman. "Rappers are so weak Remind me of scorned women," GuWop tweeted.

"If I had a nickel 4 every Lie these rappers tell I would be a multi Billionaire Instead of millionaire ...Big money talk..," Gucci continued, before naming his Top 3 pussy ass rappers: "Name your Top 3 Pussy ass rappers? Mines? Jeezy Yo gotti & Tip. No brainer. But there are 100s more....Go...," the rapper said.

See his tweets below. Do you think we'll hear a response from Jeezy, Gotti or Tip?

[Update: Threatens To Sell Rights To Waka Flocka]

Gucci is still at it. Shortly after going in on Jeezy, Yo Gotti, and T.I. on Twitter, Big GuWop is now threatening to sell his remaining rights to Waka Flocka's music. Gucci infamously dropped Waka from his label earlier in the year, but it appears the duo still have some paperwork together. The Brick Squad leader is ready to drop all of it for a cool million however, indicating that the buyer would receive rights to Flocka's "next three albums" as well as "a percentage of his publishing mechanicals and touring."

No telling how serious the offer is, or how much today's outbursts correlate with his 3 mixtapes dropping later tonight (the title of which has been hashtagged in each of his tweets).

View the tweet below.