Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka have had an on-and-off relationship throughout their careers to say the least. The peak of their differences occured when Gucci announced that he had dropped Waka Flocka from the 1017 Bricksquad team. Since the event, GuWop has been fairly open to work things out, but Waka has been unwilling to make amends.

In a recent twitter rant, Gucci updated fans on the status of Bricksquad, and his working relationship with Waka, which he presented as "the good news" and "the bad news". He began by thanking all artists that have ever been affiliated with the label, including Nicki Minaj, Trinidad James, Chief Keef, Mike WiLL Made It, and Waka himself. 

GuWop then revealed the good news, which appears to be a big new deal for Bricksquad. "Millions of dollars. Offered 4 Bricksquad['s] new deal," he said. The bad news followed, indicating that he and Waka had severed their ties for good. "The Spot soundtrack and Bricksquad album will officially [be] the last time I put out [a] project with Waka Flocka Flame," he revealed.

Waka has previously denied that he will appear on the Bricksquad album, Big Money Talk, but Gucci has suggested that the songs predate their quarrel, and that Flocka will have pre-recorded verses on the effort. "The Spot" soundtrack he refers to is a movie the Trap God will star in alongside Rocko-- the music in which is likely from a similar time.

Read the tweets below.

[Update: Gucci Leaves Warner, Announces 101 Distribution Deal]

In a recent interview, Gucci Mane has expanded on his announcement regarding his new deal. The rapper revealed that he has left Warner, and will now be releasing music through 101 Distribution.

The Trap House rapper spoke of his decision to go independent.

"I'm thankful that we were able to part ways on good terms with [Warner Bros. Records]" Gucci said. "The music industry has changed so much and I just thought it was time to make the switch. The majors can't move as fast as doing it independent. We've got the fan base and now we have full control over every decision. I've already made more money with 101 [Distribution] than I ever saw on the back end with Warner. Nothing can compete with 100% payouts."

101 Distribution is a distributor based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company deals in both physical and digital sales, and has worked with the like of The LOX, DJ Drama and Malik Yusef.

"Arena currently pays artists $0.21 per stream for up to three total tracks per album which can be interchanged with other tracks from the same album," said 101's Executive Director Damon Evans. "It's clear from the data were collecting that Arena's royalty rate is only going to increase. It doesn't matter what new services launch or how many new consumer features existing services add. Arena is the only fair solution."


[Update: Gucci Says Deal Rumors Are False]

Despite his interview comments which suggest otherwise, Gucci is claiming that he has not in fact signed with 101 distribution, and the report is a rumor.

Read his tweet below. Further coverage to come as information arrives.