Griselda records is a movement, and one that's been feeling unstoppable for some time now. And while they recently made a major mark in the music industry, with acclaimed releases like Westside Gunn's Who Made The Sunshine, Conway's From King To A God, Benny The Butcher's Burden Of Proofand Boldy Jame's The Price Of Tea In China, it would appear that the Buffalo-bred label is setting their sights on the film industry. Now, that journey begins with the release of Conflicted, a film that has been teased by the crew for some time now.

Conflicted Trailer

Capturing the spirit of gritty rap classics like State Property's Killa Season, Griselda's cinematic debut stars Benny The Butcher, Westside Gunn, Deuce King (who also wrote the screenplay), Adiyon Dashalon, and Michael Rapaport. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any sign of Conway, who also happened to sit out the recently-released soundtrack. In any case, it looks to be a must-watch for fans of the label -- should you count yourself one such fan, you can purchase the film right here, as confirmed by Westside Gunn himself.

From the look of his Twitter page, many who have peeped Conflicted have enjoyed it, and Gunn himself has been retweeting some of the glowing reviews shared thus far. Regardless of how the film turns out, however, it's still interesting to see a label putting in so much work in so many different mediums. Shout out to Westside Gunn, a true hip-hop renaissance man. If you've seen Conflicted, sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.

Benny The Butcher - 3:30 In Houston (Off The "Conflicted" OST)