Kanye West and G.O.O.D Music are some of the most daring artists out right now. Whether its through their music or through any other medium of art, they always find a way to push the boundaries. Today, they seem to be taking their innovative approach to marketing and music for a free show in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Earlier today, @denimtears Instagram account shares a series of posts on their story with a mysterious phone number. The three posts had captions reading "Good music x dial up & Friends" along with Los Angeles and today's date. In the next post, it showed a picture of Teyana Taylor, and also tagged her. 

After dialing the number 1-657-233-GOOD, a woman's voice says, "Hi there, thanks for calling. You've reached the line for Dial Up, presented by G.O.O.D Music. Expect a text message with all the details." The voice is a bit creepy but once you hang up, a text message reads, "GOOD MUsic and Dial Up Tonight Friday, February 16th  Special Guest Performances all-night @21 + @11:30 till Late @Free Entry + Free Drinks @ARRIVEEARExpect a text message with the address. Tonight at 9pm. See you there!"

Who knows who will pop up but it seems like Teyana Taylor is likely a guaranteed face you'll see. In addition, they've also recruited two more emcees to their roster with Valee and Sheck Wes. Earlier today Valee released his collab with Pusha T on the "Miami (Remix)."

With free drinks and special guest performances, it's definitely going to be a memorable night. Who knows, maybe Kanye will make an appearance.

Peep the posts below.