Not everyone was praising Mase for his recent comments regarding gang culture. The former Bad Boy artist has left his Rap life in the dust as he's opted to continue his career as a pastor, and like many others, he's using social media to share his message. Last week, Mase popped up on Instagram with a lengthy post about how the "weakest thing a Black man can do" is "join a street gang."

"Think about it what type of person would ask you to hurt your own people and take an oath to be there for your gang only to end up not being there for your children and family. I NEVER UNDERSTOOD THAT," wrote Mase. While many co-signed his comments, Glasses Malone wasn't impressed.

The Los Angeles artist expressed his disappointment and frustration with HipHopDX. “Over the years I’ve noticed different things with Ma$e. Being critical of people that come from the kind of background that he comes from and him to act totally clueless and ignorant to it, it’s kind of ridiculous. I kind of feel bad for him for even saying that," said Malone, who grew up in Watts and Compton.

“Ma$e is f*cking tripping. He knows why [kids join gangs]. This is not new," he added. Especially since everybody’s reason for joining is different. Most of the time, you from where you from before you claim. Everybody else is going to tell you where you from, for the most part. And if people are your friends, like gangbanging ain’t nothing but a bunch of players who are trying to survive.”

“Now you see a bunch of strangers getting together and then uniting under a street moniker or street sign, but real gangbanging in its essence, or the one I participated in is really a bunch of friends trying to survive in the place having a different franchise and it completely lacks opportunity altogether. That’s all a gang is where I’m from. And representing the gang is representing your friends, representing y’all background, y’all struggle, y’all cultural togetherness. That’s all it is.”

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Malone added that Mase is "too f*cking educated" to make such remarks and is willing to speak one-on-one with him about this topic. Still, he was baffled that at Harlem World artist. "I think maybe just somebody needs to jar his f*cking memory back so he can remember exactly what’s going on and then if he really wanted to help with it, but he still and the problem is, he can actually help instead of just sitting back there on his brass throne at that church, criticizing somebody.”

Do you agree with Malone or believe Mase was correct in his assessment of gang culture?