Seven months after the viral video of Gervonta Davis and his ex-girlfriend Dretta circulated online, the champion boxer is offering an explanation into what happened during the physical altercation. It was back in February when Gervonta was seen on camera grabbing the mother of his child at a basketball game before things escalated in another location. TMZ reported on the incident and claimed that Dretta suffered injuries to her jaw and her lip and later, Gervonta Davis was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery. In a recent interview with Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer, the boxer gave his side of the story and said he didn't intend on hurting her and admitted that he was "wrong" for getting physical.

"I've been around her for like, six years now," Gervonta said. "I love her and I'm overprotective. I heard that she was at that game and I told her you need to get out of here. That's my baby mama. I look after her and things like that, but I make sure she good. Again, I love her. I was just mad and once I seen her—I didn't grab her by her neck. I grabbed her by her shirt like you gotta get outta here. I probably was wrong for doing that. I was wrong for doing that."

"It wasn't me trying to hit her or... You know how with somebody, you angry at a kid and you grab them by the neck like, c'mon," Davis added. "It wasn't nothing like me fist-fighting her or you know, just me just trying to beat her up." He said he's a boxer, so if he truly wanted to hurt someone, he could. He just wanted to "[remove] her from that situation she wasn't supposed to be in."

Gervonta Davis was then asked a series of questions and revealed that he has a "little" anger problem but doesn't have an issue with women. He also stated that he "had to talk to somebody professionally" in order to learn how to deal with conflict resolution in the future. Check out his interview below.