As people protest in the streets for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, the attorneys in the cases are bringing the cases to the UN to demand the same. Ben Crump and Lee Merritt are speaking to Van Jones for an online forum brought together by Team Roc. 

Crump and Merritt discussed the bond hearing for the three men in the Arbery case. The attorney for the Arbery case said that he would be standing there with the family to demand that they would deny bond. "We believe that the rule of law with be sufficient to keep those men behind bars until trial," Merritt said. 

"We don’t think any bond is reasonable for these brutal suspects," he said. "We're confident they will not get bond. We believe in the rule of law." Merritt confirmed the family will attend Thursday's hearing."

"What [Floyd] needed was a breath. The family's [now] asking for everyone to take a breath for peace, take a break for justice, take a breath to heal our country and take a breath for George., Crump said. 

On the independent autopsy that revealed Floyd's death was a homicide, Crump added that the Attorney General will look at both autopsies to build a case. 

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