UPDATE: TMZ has since added a video of G-Eazy's arrest. 

G-Eazy may be in the midst of a meteoric rise, but as they say, that only equates to a harder fall. TMZ reports that the "No Limit" rapper has been arrested on charges of Assault and Cocaine Posession. Apparently, Young Gerald was in having a night out in Stocklholm, Sweden, when circumstances took a dark turn. The report alleges that G-Eazy was in the middle of "partying" in a club after his Wednesday night show, where he was in the process of acting a fool. When security guards approached him to quell his belligerence, the rapper went full Gerald Of Rivia and started swinging, landing several blows on one unlucky guard.

Clearly, there are no limits to Gerald's rage. After the attack, he was eventually detained by police, who discovered a bag of cocaine in the rapper's pocket. TMZ's sources report that G-Eazy has been taken into custody "on suspicion of assault, possession of narcotics and use of narcotics." Perhaps he'll have to place a call to Donald Trump, who previously helped spring the youngest Ball brother from international jail. All things considered, you'd think G-Eazy would have exhibited better judgement. Or maybe not.

Apparently, G-Eazy, Halsey, and Sean Kingston partying at the club, where the man of the hour was handing out shots. Too bad his joie-de-vivre was short lived. Live by the powder, become undone by the powder. Expect #FREEGEAZY t-shirts to hit the bootleg markets imminently.