Celebrity stalkers are nothing to joke about for those who are enjoying their moments in the spotlight. In the past, overzealous fans and foes have been responsible for hurting celebrities that they claim to love and admire, and these days no one is taking any chances with their lives. We've previously reported on stars like Brandy, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner working with authorities after being harassed by strangers, and it's being reported that G-Eazy is following in their footsteps.

G-Eazy, Monika Andrody, Ashley Benson, REstraining ORder
Jemal Countess / Stringer / Getty Images

According to a report made by TMZ, G-Eazy has had a woman named Monika Andrody following him for months, even to the point of lurking outside of his Hollywood Hills home. Andrody has reportedly paced outside of the rapper's residence and even rang his doorbell on occasion, but anytime he calls the police, she's gone before they respond to the scene.

The most recent interaction with Andrody was reportedly on January 15 when she reportedly showed up at G-Eazy's home in the evening, and court documents reportedly state that the rapper is concerned that Andrody will make an unwanted appearance at a public event. After filing for a temporary restraining order last week, the rapper reportedly asked for a judge to extend his protection to Ashley Benson, but that has yet to be granted. The two have been dating for just under a year and days ago, there were rumors that the celebrity couple had broken up.