Fans have been patiently waiting for the release of G Eazy’s new album, The Beautiful And Damned, ever since he first announced it back in June. “Excited to finally announce my new album "The Beautiful And Damned." Coming this fall, can't wait to share this with the world," he then said via twitter. And now with Fall practically upon us, Young Gerald looks to be keeping his word.

On Wednesday, the Bay Area rapper hopped on Twitter and revealed that he had new music coming this week with ASAP Rocky & Cardi B, off the album.

“New music this week Young Gerald x @asvpxrocky x @IAmCardiB The Beautiful & Damned... It's time…” he tweeted out.

He didn’t clarify if its just one song featuring both artists or if he has two separate songs on the way, but we should know probably Thursday night at midnight when it arrives, if not sooner.

The Cardi B-collab, rumored to be titled “No Limit,” shouldn’t come as a surprise though as the two first announced the single last week in New Orleans at one of Gerald’s live shows. Again, it’s unclear if Rocky is also featured on this song “No Limit” or a complete separate song, but just know Young Gerald has some album material coming this week. My guess is that it's just one single featuring both artists, but time will only tell.

Check out the announcement (below) along with a recent statement Gerald made about his upcoming album.

"This is the next chapter of Gerald. I think [the fans] know me well enough by now, so this is just the next chapter of my life," he told Billboard. "I'm further exploring my Gemini; you know, the duality and the split personality of who I am. That's The Beautiful and Damned. There's multiple layers to the title and the concept of the album, but that's one of the better messages. I'm exploring that yin and yang of my personality."

Who's excited to hear this upcoming collab?