Though it's never wise to generalize, it sometimes feels as if Future's fans can be categorized into two distinct camps. Those who believe "Codeine Crazy" to be his magnum opus, and those who believe "March Madness" to hold the honor. As it happens, those in the latter category secured a nice moral victory today, as Future's beloved anthem recently hit a new milestone, officially receiving a second platinum certification from the RIAA.

Future March Madness

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

While it's not clear as to whether or not the ongoing March Madness played a role in driving up Future's impressive streaming numbers, it wouldn't be entirely surprising were they to have given the track a little boost. In any case, the beloved banger has received a well-deserved double platinum upgrade at the perfect time. 

Given the song's popularity and status as a definitive Future selection, it's actually surprising that the numbers aren't a little higher. In fact, it took some time for "March Madness" to hit the two million mark, having previously been certified platinum in May of 2017. For those keeping score in the great debate, it should be noted that "Codeine Crazy" has yet to earn an RIAA certification -- somehow.

Congratulations to Future, whose "March Madness" remains the quintessential soundtrack for the year's third month and all the basketball that comes with it. Do you queue this one up every springtime?