While Future’s musical output has swung more in the pure rap direction recently, he has never shied away from cross-over R&B tracks. A few tracks from Honest are probably the closest we’ve gotten to full-fledged R&B in the past few years, but Future would never call himself purely a rapper. He’s way too much of an ATLien for that.

Despite Future’s success in the hardcore rap lane, it sounds like he’s still recording those crooning joints, but keeping them to himself. Ebro, of Hot97’s Ebro in the Morning, recently tweeted a confirmation that Future is still making R&B jams, and is “sitting in 3 albums+ of RnB bangers.”

This all fits considering comments made by producer Southside back in November 2015, who claimed that Future had six albums and three mixtapes ready at that time. Since then we’ve gotten one mixtape (Purple Reign) and one album (EVOL), so it’s unsurprising that a few of those remaining seven projects would be sonically a little different.

Would y’all want to hear more singing from Future, or should he keep on spitting bars? He might have enough bullets in the chamber for both.