After initially releasing a fairly conventional merch collection last week, Future is raising the stakes in round two. His latest merchandizing-run was conceptualized by the lead designers at Pyer Moss and Rhude.

Collectively-speaking, Future is offering fans two lanes to choose from, depending on their level of affluence. The initial run is comprised of "Crushed Up" tees, beach towels, and hoodies featuring imagery loosely associated with his WIZRD album drop. As always, every purchase comes complete with a digital copy of the album. 

The latest adds designed by Pyer Moss and Rhude are tailored to fit the modern cosmo-dweller - the first of which, a Pyer Moss t-shirt, features a quote from Andre 3000 with a "Big Bang" type of explosion. The Andre quote, which reads: "Future makes the most negative inspirational music ever," is taken from the WIZRD documentary associated with the project.

The t-shirt designed by Rhude features the graphic stylings of a screaming 'Future Hendrix' character, with the album's title conspicuously inscribed over top. Both tees won't be available until midday (noon EST) on Future's online pop-up shop, right here. Be on the lookout for additional drops, while his WIZRD project remains in rotation. Give us your thoughts?