On DJ Esco's new mixtape, Esco Terrestrial, Young Thug and Future surprised fans with their first collaboration since tension arose between the two earlier this year. Of course, with these kind of releases, it's never clear how recently anything has been recorded, or whether or not the artists involved were actually in the studio together. Either way, the song's existence alone seemed to indicate the two had patched things up, and that seems to be confirmed with news of an exciting studio session that went down Monday night.

According to tweets and snaps from frequent Thug collaborator, Wheezy, himself, Thugger, Future, and DJ Esco were all in the studio together last night (as well as TM88 earlier in the day). With both artists releasing new music on a consistent basis, it's impossible to know where this potential collaboration would end up, but we're hoping this only the beginning of a new working relationship between the two Atlanta rappers. 

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