One of the first posthumous records we got to hear from the late King Von was through Funk Flex when he released "Lurkin." The track spans just under two minutes and it brings Von's gritty storytelling to the forefront over a beat produced by BMC Beats, Grant Gardner, and Funk Flex. During Flex's latest interview with HotNewHipHop's Aron A., the famed radio host and well-respected New Yorker explained that King Von genuinely wasn't a fan of the instrumental before hopping on it.

"King Von, I sent him the instrumental which he wasn't a big fan of," said Flex about "Lurkin." "I asked him to trust me, and he was coming to New York, but I couldn't get a good response out of him. At first, he's like, ‘yes, I’ll shoot the video,’ but we didn't have a time set. So somebody said 'Yo, he likes Hellcats and he likes Red Eyes.' Cool. I think I might have texted him. I don't know. I think I said, 'Hey, I got the Hellcat,' and he responded right away. And I could tell he was into cars. So, we didn't really drive anywhere that day but we kind of just hung out. 

That was really my first time meeting him face-to-face. Before that, it was FaceTime. I liked his energy, you know? Him and Pop Smoke... the violence. I don't think there's more violence now than it was when I was young. I just think with social media it gets amplified more. I think, with social media, it gets hard for people to back down or to change or not go as hard. I think a person -- if they make a strong or a tough statement, they now have to back it up in person and social media. So I think it's become a tougher thing. Rest in Peace to him."

Our extensive interview with Funk Flex is available here, where he also gives credit to Drake for fathering the sing-rap style and names his favorite freestyle of all time.