The lines have been blurred between the melodies and bars in rap music. There are plenty of MCs in the game but the majority of notable artists in hip-hop right now tend to lean closer towards the melodies than ever before. Artists like Young Thug, Future, and Kid Cudi deserve their flowers but you also gotta acknowledge Drake's efforts, as well.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Despite his sometimes harsh criticism towards the Canadian rapper, Funk Flex admits that it was Drake that changed the game. The famous DJ recently sat down with HNHH for an in-depth interview where he discussed the evolution of the game and Drizzy's role in shifting the sound. Flex gives Drake credit for being the father of the current rap-sing trend.

"Drake has really fathered this amazing style of singing and rapping. I think when it comes to Drake though he has a clearer line of this is when I’m rapping and this is when I’m singing. I don’t think they mesh as hard together in his music, but I do like it," he explained.

Flex explained that he's always been a fan of Drake but there are levels to his appreciation of the "What's Next" rapper's catalog. "I have to be honest, he’s not made too many songs I don’t like," he added. "I never want to take away from a person's creativity. He has not made many songs - I think, when we talk about Drake sometimes you have to say, ‘Well, I like this one level ten, I like this one level nine, I like this one level eight.’"

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