"When father's day comes around this year you better make sure you send me a card, because you are my son," was Funk Flex's history lesson for fellow radio personality Peter Rosenberg.

A few weeks ago, Peter Rosenberg resorted to calling out Flex for what he thought was a fabricated beef. Funk Flex had been openly critical of Travis Scott in saying that the rapper stole much of his repertoire from A$AP Rocky. Rosenberg wasn't the only media person or observer to raise its raise eyebrow over those claims. Many rappers in the game comparatively share many of the same traits. It's not as if A$AP Rocky wasn't outwardly inspired himself, many of his early influences being rappers from the South. Rosenberg told his viewers he felt Funk Flex was creating fake news to grab headlines, his Travis comments having no substance behind them whatsoever.

Rosenberg voiced his opinion on the air at Hot 97. Co-host Ebro refrained from entering the argument, instead stating that Funk Flex often case likes create sensational headlines which make for more engrossing programming on the hip hop airwaves. Funk Flex used his time slot on Hot 97 to respond directly at Rosenberg. He tried infantilizing him by reminding the viewers that he was helping create a buzz around the city when Rosenberg was but a mere intern. Flex also took aim at all his detracting by taking credit for building the Hot 97 brand from scratch on his own back. The full rant is available down below. Whose argument do you feel speaks to the culture on more level terms?