Legendary radio host Funk Flex felt like getting a few things off his chest this week, checking into the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast to disrespect Jay-Z. In addition to claiming that Drake has surpassed Jay-Z and saying that Drake had somebody write his BlackBerry freestyle from back in the day, Funk Flex also explained the alleged reason why Jay-Z stays off of social media. 

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

"You know he wants me to tell you why he can't be on social media," said Flex to Gillie Da Kid and Wallo, referring to a supposed private conversation he had with Jay-Z. "'Cause he's the most sensitive motherf*cker on the planet and he can't take n***as in his comments telling him the truth." 

Damn, Flex. Who hurt you? What proceeded was an awkward pause as Gillie and Wallo seemingly entertained continuing the conversation, getting somebody else on the line. They then pushed him further.

"Okay? He can't take it," said Flex. "He can't open up social media. You know what Jay does? He watches social media from a fake page."

Clearly, Gillie and Wallo weren't feeling the blatant disrespect, asking Flex what went wrong between him and Jay before re-enacting a scene from Flex's history. 


Jay-Z is one of the most reclusive artists in the modern age. He doesn't use social media much and hasn't updated his Twitter in years. While it's possible that he uses a burner account to lurk in the shadows, Funk Flex appears to be emotional about something... Do you think he's not logging on because of his so-called sensitivity to criticism?