In 2017, French Montana hired Juan Lomeli to clean his pool but after six months working on the job, Juan got bitten by French's dog Zane leading him to sue the rapper. Juan claimed that he was injured so badly in the vicious attack that he was unable to work and went after French for loss of wages.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The Blast now reports that French has responded to the lawsuit and denies any wrongdoing in the matter and wants to pass the blame to the employer who hired Juan. The "Unforgettable" rapper has called on the statute of limitations and how they've run out in hopes of halting Juan's case. French and his legal team argues that "the damages and injuries sustained by Plaintiff did not arise from circumstances reasonably foreseeable to Defendant and were not within his reasonable ability to control."

The publication details how French's team also filed a cross-complaint against the company that hired Juan, stating how they should take all blame if he's successful in his lawsuit. French is seeking "total and complete indemnity for any judgments rendered against" him. 

Apparently, this is French's second dog attacking lawsuit after another man has come after the rapper after he was attacked by French's guard dog when installing security cameras.