If you recall, mild controversy arose from Logic's use of religious iconography on his Everybody album rollout, an incensed Freddie Gibbs believing he'd stolen the idea without giving him proper credit. Freddie's You Only Live 2wice cover art depicted co-opted similarly "pseudo-religious" themes. It serves to note, You Only Live 2wice rolled out first.

The Freddie cover, painted him as a prophet figure risen from the dead. Conversely, Logic's Everybody rollout depicted him in a conspicuous "Where is Waldo" position, albeit in the foreground of religious iconography, similarly to Freddie's artistic impressions around the same time.

Notice anything?

In any case, things came to a head when Freddie spotted Logic in a restaurant back in 2007. He described the peaceful resolution as such:

"Logic stole that sh*t. We cool though, but you know you took that sh*t, boy," Freddie told Bobby James of MLTD. "That white boy took that sh*t. It's cool. I seen a n***a in a restaurant after that. I seen him in Ruth's Chris."

He later added, "I said something that minute, that day. I said, 'N*gga, you stole my sh*t'... But I'm not about to go to war with Logic and all his motherf*cking fans. It's all good. I got love for Logic. I like his music."

Consider the conflict "completely resolved."