Frank Ocean's Blonde Album was without a doubt one of his strongest pieces of work to date. While the album was delivered on short notice and proved to be not only a critical and commercial success but a brilliant move, alongside Endless, to get him out of his contract with Def Jam. While it's been less than two years since the albums dropped, ti looks like he's now dealing with some legal issues pertaining to the project's song credits.

Frank Ocean is reportedly suing producer Om'Mas Keith for attempting to receiving songwriting credits on Blonde, according to TMZ. Apparently, Keith trying to make a case that he co-wrote a good chunk of the project. Frank says that Keith registered with ASCAP and claimed that he co-wrote 11 songs on the project including "Pink + White" and "Ivy." 

In the documents they've obtained, Frank says that he paid Keith a flat fee for his work on the master recordings. He's also making it clear that Keith didn't write any of the lyrics, melodies or any of the music on the project. His case against the producer is in an attempt to block him from receiving any sort of songwriting credits on Blonde.

Pitchfork also reached out to Frank's camp about the lawsuit. They continued to say that the claims aren't true and they'll be dealing with it in court.

"A complaint has been filed against Om’Mas Keith who has falsely stated to have written certain songs which appear on the album Blonde. These claims are untrue and this issue is being dealt with by litigators." The statement read. However, no comment has been issued on behalf of Keith as of yet. We'll keep you posted.