Frank Ocean broke his silence after two years in captivity by renewing his Blonded Radio podcast with plenty of election day content. Just as the midterm result were being tallied up, Ocean dropped the second installment, and then a third to complete the triple crochet.

The first part to episode one was essentially the most politically-charged, as Frank Ocean tried to stimulate a strong voter's turnout amongst his fanbase, even going as far as to offer "free merch" in exchange of ballots cast (with proof of submission).

In the second installment that aired last evening, Frank endorsed Democratic midterm candidate Stacey Abrams in her attempt to become the first Black Governor elected in the state of Georgia. The fiercely independent Ocean didn't shy away from crossing bipartisan lines, for the sake of the sake singling the better of two Republican candidates in predominantly Red states, as was the case with his endorsement of Beto O’Rourke over incumbent candidate Ted Cruz.

As previously stated, the Democrats captured the House of Representatives, whereas the Republicans held onto their majority claim to the Senate. Political pundits generally view the electoral shift as a huge blow to Donald Trump's blustering toupee.

Listen to all three installments here.