Frank Ocean is one of the more mysterious artists in the industry today. You never really know what he's up to because he keeps himself bunkered in his home almost 24/7. Is he working on an album? Who knows... Considering how unclear his immediate musical future is, it's not entirely a surprise that Blond was burst back into the Billboard 200 this week. Also, seasonal depression, y'know. People were surprised to see that the Odd Future member did an interview with GQ, which was published today. It's not every day that we hear about Frank so we were all pretty excited about the Q&A.

In the piece, Ocean explains why he finally made his Instagram account public after years of laying low on social media. He's also more active than you would imagine as he updated his page with a funny photo of himself channelling his buddy A$AP Rocky. One of the more iconic celebrity looks from 2018 has to be Rocky's babushka, which actually prompted the rapper to write a song titled after the headwear garment. He showed off his pearly whites while rocking a chain pattern babushka on his head, draping his hood over it for added accessories. Of course, Rocky came through as he liked the photo.

The artist seems destined to work on a jewelry project that he started last year, keeping his current musical plans in the shadows for the time being. Hopefully, we see a new album by the elusive singer in the next few months.