Frank Ocean's beloved tape Blonde is easily one of the best tapes to be released in 2016 (feel free to @ me). The 17-track album was filled with intimate tellings of Frank's thoughts and feelings and unsurprisingly, almost a full three years later the project has re-entered the Billboard 200

With how emotional the tape can be, it begs us to wonder what in the world has sparked so many people to head back to Frank's album - but then again we rather just listen to the album in peace. 

Before the new year, Frank did make his Instagram public, rather than keeping it private as he did for so long. Since then fans have been able to keep up with their favorite singer and all that he's been up to. From his dope kicks, food court runs, mirror selfies, many hair changes, and muses, Frank's private life has been put on display more than ever, probably urging people to re-listen to his fine work. 

“I haven’t shied away from expectations,” Frank previously stated when talking about Blonde.

“I really try to use it as fuel because people have a positive association of what I do and what I make and they expect something that’s good. So, okay, how do you convert that into, I don’t know, just a better moment, a better song, a better album, a better presentation?”