Fortnite is one of the most popular game on consoles right now. The battle royale styled game allows 100 players to airdrop onto a map, and then fight to the death to be crowned the only survivor left. Although the game has been popular for months, Fortnite really started to make waves after Drake and Travis Scott virtually co-signed the game by playing over the Twitch live streaming service alongside famous gamer Ninja. 

Twitch Prime, which is a paid subscription service package through Amazon Prime, offers gamers unique cosmetic DLC. It also features upgrades that do away with ads and allows for a smoother uninterrupted streaming experience. Recently, Twitch Prime dropped off some new content for subscribers. 

According to Twitch's blog post, today (March 29), an  “Exclusive Battle Royale Instigator Pickaxe” will be available. For gamers who already have Twitch Prime linked to their Epic account, the cosmetic will become available immediately. The blog post also states that more exclusive content will be available next month. 

In a related story, famous gamer Ninja was rumored to have been using bots to get fake Twitch Prime member subscriptions. Although his famous peers, such as  BobbyCarterIV and Home of Game have publicly come out to accuse Ninja, Twitch believes their prized gamer is innocent.