Not long after the unexpected brawl at Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's press conference erupted earlier today (May 6), the boxing icon sat down for an interview with Barstool Sports. Mayweather chatted with The Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley and although the boxer had calmed down tremendously after the heated exchange, it was clear that there was still a fire burning inside.

Jake Paul has continued to taunt Mayweather after snatching his hat off of his head and trying to make a run for it. Clips of the incident have been shared and reshared online as it shows Paul receiving the hands-on treatment from Mayweather and his camp.

Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Sundae Conversation, Barstool Sports
Cliff Hawkins / Staff / Getty Images

"Today, I had a small problem. A little problem. Really no big problem," said Mayweather in the preview to the upcoming interview. "Um, kid wanted to test the waters and tried me out." Pressley then joked, "He stole your hat. No cap." Laughter can be heard before Mayweather says with a smile, "That's a good one. Good metaphor. I think I still got the cap. So, where the cap at?"

Pressley wanted to know if the cap held any significance to Mayweather. "It's not an important cap but it is what it is. He did what he did and I did what I did." Check out the clip below.