Flo Rida and the mother of his toddler son, Alexis Adams, will once again have to come to terms in regards to child support expenses for the three-year-old they share together. Unfortunately, the two have shared quite the tumultuous past together that has been made public nearly every step of the way since the conception of their child, Zohar Dillard. Last year, the Carol City-bred emcee gave up complete custody of his son, was ordered to $9,000 per month in child support, and even was publicly criticized for referring to his son as an "evil f*cking child." Now, the 40-year-old hip-hop artist is finding himself in the midst of more conflict with Adams after court documents obtained by Bossip have revealed that she wants Flo Rida strictly punished for failing to pay for their child's expenses which have severely affected his education and overall health.

Flo Rida's Baby's Mom Wants Him Punished For Ignoring Support For Sick Child Brian Ach/Getty Images

According to the court documents filed by Adams, the "Sweet Sensation" rapper has failed to pay court-mandated child support, Zohar's tuition, and medical insurance to which he is legally required to do under the terms of their custody and support order. Since his birth, Zohar has battled with autism which has critically increased his need for specialized educational needs and health requirements. 

Unfortunately, with Flo Rida's inability to make his support payments on time, Zohar health insurance has lapsed and his tuition was not paid for at all this past school year. At the moment, Zohar will not be able to return to private school until last year's tuition payments are paid in full which has resulted in the toddler attending public school where his behavior/conduct has visibly declined. 

In Adams' official statement she claims that she has tried to reason with the Miami-based rapper but has failed to reach an agreement with Flo or his legal representation. If Flo Rida fails to appear in court in response to Adams' legal motion, he could be facing prison time for contempt of court. 

With Flo Rida's most recent philanthropic endeavor coming in the form of free COVID-19 testing for Florida residents, the culture is hoping that the multi-platinum artist will do right by his seed and the mother of his child. 

Check out one of Flo Rida's latest Instagram posts asking his followers to do all they can to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus in the video provided below.