Unfortunately, it feels like the only time we hear about Flavor Flav these days is when he's involved in some sort of drama. Although he's a pivotal member in Public Enemy, he hasn't been entirely involved in the music industry in quite some time. He's made a name for himself from television and other ventures. However, he's also dabbling in the restaurant business quite a bit over the years. Unfortunately, he's suing a former business partner for allegedly screwing him out of his business.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images 

Flavor Flav was previously partnered with James Hawkins to launch their restaurant, Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Vinny’s Pizza. Unfortunately, Flav claims that Hawkins cut him out of the business as a partner and continued to prove forward with the company, Bossip reports. 

“They opened a restaurant together, and Mr. Hawkins unilaterally breached their agreement,” Flav’s lawyer Marcus Risman said. “It caused damages to Mr. Drayton because he had fans show up there.”

According to Risman, Flavor Flav was putting in a ton of work to make sure that business is booming. Flav's lawyer said Public Enemy member and his wife Trujillo put  â€œblood, sweat and tears” into the business. Flav even tried handing out hundreds of copies of his memoir to customers to create more buzz surrounding the business.

Flavor Flav's Chicken & Vinny's Pizza included a cartoon of the rapper as its logo. However, Risman said that after Flav was cut out of the business, Hawkins went on to change the restaurant's name.

Flavor Flav wants the money damages for the profits that he claims he and his wife are entitled to, per their agreement with Hawkins.