As reported, Alexis Skyy and Lezhae Lowder were engaged in a fight that ended in the latter being taken into custody. The video unearthed by TMZ, clearly depicts Alexis Skyy watching the melee from the comfort of her beemer. See for yourself, the video does corroborate a good portion of the hearsay from both combative sides. Skyy and Lowder, who allegedly fought each other earlier in the night, are connected through Fetty Wap, the absent-minded breadwinner they both share through a paternity test.

Although it's impossible to discern a knife within the footage presented, Lezhae is visibly shown with her back to the ground, with countless aggressors hovering over her, stomping her to bits. But that's not even the worst it; later in the video, an automobile rushes the crowd like a filibuster passing through Congress. 

And though the vehicle never makes contact, the driver's intentions were quite evident. After missing the crowd by a few hairs, the car crashes into the side of the White Castle restaurant, where the violence picks up once again. While Alexis Skyy was indeed involved in the earlier skirmish at a local Paterson bar, no formal charges were placed against her. Lezhae, on the other hand, was arrested on a misdemeanor for reckless endangerment for her role in the White Castle brawl, even though the one-sided nature of the footage paints another picture altogether.