Although Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha had a rough start when their daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell was born, they've been able to put their bitterness aside and co-parent like champs. Masika loves to share images and video clips of little Khari on social media, and earlier today the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reality star showed the toddler playing hide-and-seek with her parents.

Masika pretended to not know where Khari was hiding as the three-year-old wrapped herself in a curtain. Fetty made his daughter's day as he snuck up behind her and gave her a fright, something that only made her giggle incessantly. This may be a family fun day for Fetty with Masika and Khari, but the rapper has a whole 'nother set of issues with Love & Hip Hop's Alexis Skyy, the mother of his daughter Alaiya.

Alexis pulled a "post and delete" on Instagram earlier after she called out her ex for borrowing her car and not returning it. She even shared a text exchange to prove that the rapper was ignoring her. She claims he told her he was going to drop it off, but instead Alexis says people have been telling her they've seen someone driving it around.

"Who has my car," she reportedly texted Fetty. "You had my car last. Okay, I have your number. I'll just give the cops your number. Since Wap is playing. Not answering me. That's corny." He responds, "He said u gon get it when u get it.. so Idk u gotta talk to him... i Don't the car no more thou lex so idk.. and he didn't tell me to much i think he doing a video so he busy."

Alexis went on to write on her Instagram Story, "Yo @fettywap1738 stop f*cking playing with have your bum ass Friends riding around in my sh*t all through Paterson I been asking for my car for a week now..tell your runners to run my CAR back or it's a problem." These two have had a slew of issues throughout their relationship, including denials of paternity and accusations that Fetty hasn't supported their daughter, a baby who has undergone multiple surgeries since birth.