Fetty Wap and Alexis Skyy recently experienced something out of a nightmare, especially for any parent who might be reading this. TMZ has reported that Wap and Skyy's daughter, 1-year-old Alaiya, recently had to undergo an emergency brain surgery. For those wondering, the surgery was a success, and Alaiya looks to be recovering smoothly with both parents by her side. Yet it stands to reason that Wap and his family spent a harrowing weekend in a constant state of terror and concern. 

As baby Alaiya was born three months premature, an implant was installed in her brain to assist with draining blood and fluid. Sadly, the child suffers from hydrocephalus, which causes the blood and fluid buildups to begin with. TMZ claims that Alexis first noticed something was wrong when Alaiya was vomiting nonstop, while on a flight from New York to Atlanta. As soon as they touched down, they raced to the hospital, where doctors proceeded to initiate an emergency surgery.

As stated earlier, the surgery was a success. Still, be sure to send positive thoughts to Wap, Skyy, and baby Alaiya.