Fat Joe stopped by the Wendy Williams show this week to promote his new album Family Ties. While there, the Bronx emcee was asked about his thoughts on the late Juice WLRD, and whether or not he knew the 21-tear old Chicago rapper.

Despite only meeting him once, Joey said Juice was a beautiful kid and very respectful. “I only met him one time,” he said. “He was such a beautiful kid. He was so respectful when I met him, and I was just like, ‘Yo, this is a real good kid.’ So, rest in peace, Juice Wrld.”

Joey then took the opportunity to speak out on pill addiction, comparing his crack usage in the 80's to today's pill epidemic. In fact, Joey even says they used to smoke crack when he was younger, but they knew the danger and grossness of it. Whereas, Joey believes today’s kids think that since pills are prescription, it’s okay to use and they think they won’t get hooked.

“When we was younger, we would go smoke crack. But you knew you was copping rock cocaine, or you knew you was copping heroin – you knew it was disgusting!” Joey said. “So now, what happens with these pills, being that there prescribed, these kids don’t think they’re pill-heads or crackheads, or they’re nothing. [Nowadays they think] ‘It’s legal; it’s cool! We can do as much of it as we want.’ And that’s a big understatement because all these kids are dying.” (See below around the 9:22 mark) 

Joe continued describing the sad reality of the situation and the need to especially protect those living in poorer communities. “Everyday in the Bronx, all these kids are dying – overdosing off of pills,” he says. “We gotta try watch these kids as much as we can, ’cause it’s sad … This kid was filthy rich and died at 21 years old, on a private plane!” he concluded. 

R.I.P Juice WRLD.