Faith Evans and Stevie J are still going strong and putting work into their marriage after Faith allegedly attacked Stevie, leading to her recent arrest for domestic violence. The incident occurred a few weeks ago after cops responded to a call about a heated argument taking place at their LA home. Officers noticed that Stevie had visible marks and scratches all over his face, and Faith was subsequently booked for felony domestic violence at around 1:00am to be later released on bond.

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However, according to The Shade Roomthis is not the end of the road for the married couple. “That’s my wife and I love her!" Stevie told TSR. "I’m not going anywhere!” TSR reports that Faith and Stevie are "working on their relationship" along with some new music together. The couple's joint album, which is “nearly complete,” is set to drop sometime in September. Stevie reveals that the album is "just us for now" with no outside features.

As for the rumours that their marriage is on the rocks? “You can’t believe everything you hear," says Faith, who is celebrating her 47th birthday today. Stevie even posted a brief clip of her along with a loving birthday message on Instagram. "Today a true Queen was born and I’m grateful to be your friend & your husband," he wrote. "You are a gem & I appreciate you & love you for allowing me to see what love truly is #DaJordans."