Eminem was teasing the video for his Revival single "River" with Ed Sheeran for most of the month of February and, when it finally dropped, it was an exciting day for fans of the song and Slim Shady. The video is nothing like Em has ever done before, as he shows himself to be more vulnerable than ever, with the visuals heavily matching the lyrics of the song. Today, Eminem shared a behind the scenes look into the making of the video, as his video director speaks about what went into the process. 

"When I got the brief, they were very clear they wanted to do something Em had never done before," explained director Emil Nava. Having filmed 14 videos for the Detroit rapper, it may have been a tough task to capture him as never before, but no video director is more familiar with Em than Nava is, and he got it done. Detailing Em's passion to complete an outstanding finished product, the director said, "Working with him has been so special because his dedication, passion and his vision to get it perfect is amazing."

Among the bits of Em's video director breaking down elements of the production, we also see Ed Sheeran hilariously destroying the set and Marshall yelling as rain pours on him. Check out the full video below as it's truly a must-see for anyone wanting to see Eminem's process.