A Detroit designer is trying to block Eminem from using the "313" area code as a fashion decal. Eminem's E13 clothing brand employs a reversed E to the effect of a 3 to make out the Detroit Area Code of "313," a logo local designer Clement (Fame) Brown claims to have trademarked in 2010.

Clement's Three Thirteen shop on East Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, sells local vanity items such as Detroit-inspired t-shirts and clothing from local outfitters. Some of the brands Clement sells in his shop are: Pro Standard, Detroit Vs. Everybody, Detroit AF and at least a dozen more local faves.

Clement issued a statement regarding his civil suit on Wednesday in which he acknowledged Eminem's position of influence within the culture. His statement read: "I respect Eminem and his position in hip-hop. As culture creators, it's necessary for us to protect our intellectual property. ... It's imperative that we have rights when it comes to our ideas. It's imperative that we have ownership of our creations."

Eminem's attorney Barbara Friedman has steadfastly agreed to help her client defend his "trademark application" effort. "Our expectation is that Mr. Mathers will defend against the opposition, to protect his mark," Friedman told the Free Press. Eminem's E13 clothing brand was established in 2016 in conjunction with Carhartt. Eminem had hoped a percentage of the proceeds would go towards a literacy program spearheaded by Michigan State University's Community Music School in Detroit.