Arguably, Eddie Murphy is one of the greatest comedians within the last 100 years. The word "arguably" has been used because not everyone thinks that he's funny, but whether you like him or not, he is hailed by both fans and his fellow comics as a pioneer in comedy. It's surprising that in his decades-long career, Murphy has had only two televised stand-up specialsDelirious and Eddie Murphy's Raw, both of which have been included in top lists since they aired in the 1980s. Since that time, Murphy's film career has flourished, and while his stand-up days seemed to be over, Murphy has announced he's returning to the stage.

During a recent chat with Krista Smith on the Present Company podcast for Netflix, Murphy enigmatically revealed that in 2020, fans were in for a surprise. "Next year I am going to tour, do some stand-up," he said without divulging any information. We're sure he's hoping that his next stand-up bit is as lucrative as his last, as Raw brought in $50 million for the comedian.

Meanwhile, during that same podcast, the musical Murphy also stated that he has "hundreds" of songs that he has yet to release. Maybe he'll bring back the singing and stand-up Eddie Murphy at the same time?