Drew Brees is one of the most legendary quarterbacks in the NFL and this past season, he and the New Orleans Saints have been enjoying some success. At this point, it looks like the team is headed toward the playoffs, although for now, it seems like they will have to march forward with Jameis Winston under center.

Winston was called upon yesterday as he entered their game against the San Francisco 49ers, in the second half. This was because just before halftime, Brees was hit hard, leaving him in quite a bit of pain. Many were unsure of Brees' status especially as he was administered an MRI this morning. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, it has now been revealed that Brees suffered a multitude of rib fractures and even collapsed a lung.

As it stands, there is no timetable for Brees' return although this is still a blow. Brees is nearing the end of his career and these types of injuries could prove to be debilitating. With Winston now at the helm, he will look to steer a ship that has been on a bit of a winning streak as of late.

For those curious about the hit that took Brees out, you can watch it, below.