Sunday started off with a lot of people stunned to see a nude video that was claimed to be of DaBaby and a lot of people desperately searching for said video. Draya Michele fell into the latter faction. Despite DaBaby clarifying that he doesn't even send nudes, hence the video couldn't be of him, Michele was very curious. 

In a since-deleted tweet, the former Basketball Wives L.A. star thirstily wrote, "So ummmm to my good sis's on here. Go ahead and send me them pics. You know what pics." Rather than fulfilling her request, most followers dragged her for lusting over DaBaby when she's engaged to football player, Orlando Scandrick. You can check out the tweets below that imagined the tension that may have ensued in the couple's household. Other people argued that Michele still has a right to take a peak at another man's nudes, as a treat.  

Michele wasn't the only celebrity who expressed interest in DaBaby. After the leak, Lizzo immediately went to the "Suge" rapper's Instagram comments to get a little flirtatious. "Hey big head," she wrote under a totally unrelated video of DaBaby performing on his KIRK tour. The nudes-filled week had a lot of people acting out.