UPDATE: The HNHH staff has continued to scour the web for the best memes inspired by Drake's VIEWS album cover. You can see all of those below. In addition, thanks to the make-your-own-VIEWS-album cover tool (via The Young Astronauts), we have decided to insert Little Drake into some of our favorite hip-hop photos, placing him alongside some of his friends as well as enemies (sorry Meek, you were an easy target). Take a scroll through the above gallery, and tell us your favorites of our modified VIEWS covers in the comments. 

Drake finally shared his Views From The 6 album cover yesterday, and as usual, it contained all the ingredients of a Drake visual, questionable sincerity, lack of subtlety, and of course, maximum meme-ability. The image, which pictured the young 6 God watching over Toronto from the top of its highest building, the CN Tower, capturing the imaginations of casual photoshop artists everywhere. Within minutes, we already had a selection of new versions of the image, with Crying Jordan interpretations being pumped out instantly, as well as plenty of meme interplay with the likes of Sad Keanu, the shade crew, Young Thug, Meek Mill, and plenty of Toronto references.

Check out some of the best so far below.