A new video of Drake in the gym with his friends is impressing many of the rapper's fans, who are noticing a clear improvement in his physique. As he recovers from his knee surgery last year, Drake appears to have been placing an intense focus on his health and fitness, showing off his lean body following a workout.

Dapping up one of his boys, Drake was captured on camera by Baka Not Nice, one of the rappers signed to his label. Holding his shirt in his hands, Drake's shirtless torso appeared tighter and more ripped than in previous months, as noticed by commenters on the post. "Goddamn drizzy big af," wrote one fan underneath the video. 


Drake wore a pair of purple sneakers and grey sweatpants, which have all of the ladies zooming in to see what the 34-year-old is working with. Despite his clear gains in the gym, a large number of folks are speculating that he could have bought his body. "He needs to let us know who that lipo doctor is cause they did a good job," said one commenter when the video was reposted by blog page @its_onsite. That sentiment was echoed across social media as people suggested Drake didn't work as hard as it looks to get his chiseled abs and chest.

Do you think Drake paid a plastic surgeon to get this body? Or do you think he achieved this look organically?