Drake is crafting out his latest era, making sure that everything is in movement for the release of his new album Certified Lover Boy at the beginning of next year

Following his major announcement that CLB will be out in January 2021, Drake has started to tease a new release date in December, which could be for new music or more Nike-branded merch. The album rollout has been mysterious but, from the looks of what's been going on, the Toronto native is taking an introspective look at his previous bodies of works and combining them to create a masterpiece that embodies his entire career to date-- or at least that's the vibe many fans are getting from the album trailer.

Last night, Drake hit social media with some quick wisdom, dropping game in his caption and continuing to market himself, shaving a heart into his hair and keeping the pressure coming.


"Life can look good in a picture but we don’t live in pictures just know dat," wrote Drake on Instagram. In the picture, he wears a blue puffer jacket and has a huge smile on his face, but maybe not everything is as it seems. 

This is a lesson that everybody needs to learn. On social media, you present an image to your audience, regardless of how large that audience is. Drake may have millions of fans following him but everyone can take this in mind and realize that, on social media, you're always curating your image.


Who's ready for Drake's new album?