Drake is one of the music industry's biggest superstars -- on a global level, for that matter -- and thus anything he releases is inevitably subjected to scrutiny en masse. It's been that way for many of his most recent releases, with Views and Scorpion in particular being meticulously picked apart by fans and critics alike. Now, with his upcoming Certified Lover Boy album on the way, Drake recently slid into his father's Instagram Live story to defiantly predict his new album's reception. 

Drake Certified Lover Boy

Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images 

After a fan took a moment to praise Views, Drake himself took a moment to acknowledge the comment. "They hated on Views just like they will CWB but it's music to evolve to," he writes, defending the honor of his fourth studio album. It's interesting to see him predicting a negative reception to the upcoming Certified Lover Boy, and perhaps worth pondering for a moment. Could he simply be acknowledging that with mo' money indeed comes mo' problems, exemplified here by the endless scrutiny an artist of his stature tends to face? Or is he granting a more direct hint into a sound that doesn't always yield positive reception?

Of course, it's entirely possible that Occam's Razor is in play, and the simplest answer is probably correct. Which is to say, he's simply addressing that he's always subjected to harsh criticism and expects Certified Lover Boy will be no different, saying little about the content of the music itself. To be fair, analyzing every little hint prior to an album's release is part of the fun of the rollout -- check out his message below, as captured by OGM, and sound off with your own tinfoil theories. Do you think this bodes well for the upcoming Drake album?