The mixed signals we were getting from basecamp are seemingly getting cleared up. For the longest time, there was a reason to believe Drake and Birdman had grown distant, the belief being: Drake was searching for his autonomy and Birdman was standing in his way.

To make matters even more confusing, Drake has supported Lil Wayne through thick and thin, without putting himself in the line of fire. I shouldn't have to remind you how close Birdman's sketchy business conduct came to ruining his relationship with Lil Wayne, and, by extension his dealings with Drake, who remained loyal to Lil Wayne behind the scenes (we've come to know).

Even though the truth usually prevails, there no reason to cause alarm, if all the constituents have gone to bed "with their decision." This afternoon, Drake posted a selfie portrait with Birdman, communicating that a "leaf had been turned." In essence, as soon as Lil Wayne's freedom was granted, there was cause to celebrate - even forgive Birdman, for breaking his inflexible Scrooge character. Drake, always noted for his zeal and people-pleasing skill, chose to do the same: forgive and move on. Some issues are bigger than industry politickin'.