Drake's European "Boy Meets World" tour may have just taken a leap forward on the lit scale. Yesterday on Instagram, Atlanta trap star Young Thug hinted that he'd be an opening act for Drizzy in Europe. Thugger posted a picture of himself and Drizzy with the caption "European tour ft ...." No word yet from Papi.

The timing of the IG post makes sense. Drake's European tour begins in Amsterdam merely weeks away on January 21. Whatever seems casual is usually a carefully orchestrated information leak from Aubrey's promo machine.

If this tour choice comes to fruition, it's a controversial move for Drake. Not so long ago Young Thug had a much publicized beef with Drizzy's mentor Lil Wayne. Check out Young Thug's IG post below, and let us know what you think. Are we trippin' or is this really happening?