When it comes to his Toronto Raptors, Drake doesn't mess around. The Canadian artist has been steady with the antics during the NBA Playoffs and now that the team is in the NBA Finals, he has gone to new heights to get in the head of the Raptors' opponents. Just last night during Game 1 of the Finals, Drake wore a Dell Curry Raptors jersey who is, of course, the father of Steph CurryDrake also went on to call Draymond Green "trash" in a hilarious exchange at the end of the game. So far, it's worked for Drizzy as his team won the first game by a score of 118-109.

Now though, it looks like Drake is going to new heights to get into his opponents head, although some may feel otherwise. It's well known that Drake is a big Steph Curry fan and even has him tattoed on his arm. By extension of that friendship, Drake is also friendly with Steph's wife Ayesha Curry. Having said this, it's not surprising that Drake would like her Instagram post, which is exactly what he did today. 

While this may seem innocent, some feel as though it's an epic troll considering what Ayesha said about wanting male attention during her Red Table Talk appearance. With the Curry's being so cool with Drake, it shouldn't be taken as a dig, although when it comes to the imagination of the internet, anything is possible.

Regardless, the timing is pretty curious because it doesn't seem like the artist has liked any of her other recent posts. Die-hard NBA conspiracy theorists will surely feel as though it's a dig while more level-headed fans will see it as a harmless interaction.

As Drake has stated in the past, "all is fair in war and war."